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This website is kinda all about the things I like, and the things I like to do. It's about my rather compulsives habits. There is a section on me as well, and there is a section about a cat of mine that wrote a book that helped me get my life somewhat together, though in a rather self centered way. Oh well, that's the nice thing about having your own web page. You can do it just the way you like without having to answer to anyone. If you can deal with that, you may find something interesting here. Good Luck!

The bulk of this site pertains to genealogy and family history. It covers my lines, a lot of related lines, and then as much information as there is anywhere on all the various Putnam and Putman families in America. That's a compulsion that has been going on for about three decades.

Then there is a section on my collection of almost 60 classic sports cars, mostly British and all red, all housed out back in Toad Hall. This compulsion goes back over 50 years to the '49 Ford convertible I bought the day I turned sixteen back in 1953. The collection of Single Malt Scotch Whisky is probably the largest in America, or the way it's going, will be shortly. The growing collection of cats is getting a bit out of control as well. You can blame Abigail on that. Her book taught me so much, that I just had to get more of the critters to see what I could learn from them. Up to 24 of them now, and more coming I'm sure :-) And I learn something decent most every day from those kids.

There is a section on the Bed and Breakfast Inn, The Simmons Homestead Inn, that I run here in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod. That is what helps keep me off the streets. It's kinda a compulsion as well. All the rooms have animal themes, and more fun clutter than you could imagine.

If all this doesn't give you a decent picture of who I am and what I'm doing, then check out the Bits about Bill section.

You'll soon see why I could use some serious counseling and 'help.' And speaking of help, I would greatly appreciate any new genealogical information, red sports cars or single malts. I prefer to pick out the cats on my own, thank you.

Genealogy and Family History
This section covers the main lines in my family. There are also detailed genealogies of the lines that married into my family.Then there is huge section on the various Putnam and Putman families including all state censuses for every available year for all Putnams and Putmans. The 1940 Census is about 85% finished. There is also an elaborate section on the Southern English Putman family. There are genealogies and data bases for the New England English, New York Dutch and Pensylvania/Maryland German families.

The Simmons Homestead Inn
My Bed and Breakfast Inn on Cape Cod. This link will get you to the Inn website. The old house is over 200 years old, and has only been an Inn since I bought it in 1988. With 14 rooms, it is one of the largest (and bestest) on Cape Cod. This is a separate website. You can find out all about the place, check out the various rooms, and all the special things that go on here. The Inn is a great spot to come and relax and to tour Cape Cod and the Islands.

Toad Hall Sports Cars
The red sports cars are pushing five dozen, and are housed in a series of garages behind the Inn. Whole place is called Toad Hall in honor of Toad from The Wind in the Willows. He was the first true car nut. I'm simply following in his footsteps. Most of the cars are classic British roadsters from the 50s through the 80s, and several British touring cars. And there are a few from those Countries that didn't do too well in WW II, Japs, Germans and such.


Single Malt Scotch Whisky
This collection is now well over 600 different Single Malt Scotchs from every Distillery and Region in Scotland and Single Malts from other Countries. Many are not available here, but I 'make' guests coming to the Inn from the UK bring me something I can't get here in the Colonies. Main reason, other than compulsion, is that I like Single Malts. Heck, they taste like medicine, so they just have to be doing you some good. I haven't had a cold in over 30 years. Seems like as good a reason as any to hoard them (and drink them).

The Friendly Feline Family
Started with one, Abigail, grew to six. Then a guest gave me a sign that said, "Every Life Should Have Nine Cats." Solved that challenge within the year. Up to 28 now, probably will stop at around three dozen or so, but who knows. They are mostly Tan and Orange Tabbies and Maine Coons. Got a few tortoise shell gals. They are sooo obnoxious, but sooo cute. Just runs in their genes, nothing you can do about it. All are long hair critters but three, and all 'keepers.'

Abigail's Book on Living Life
After my wife, Suzy, died, and a brief remarriage that didn't make it, my cat Abigail thought it was time to pass on a bit about her philosophy on the proper way to live a nice life, take good care of yourself, and become a bit self centered. She tought me I could do pretty darn well by myself. That got me through a kinda confusing part of my life. She was a very wise young lady. I'm carrying her philosophy to the max, and it works.

Bits 'Bout Bill Himself
I suppose if you find all these collections interesting, you might want to check out the guy responsible. With all the other things going on, this section is kinda low on my priority list, but I do try and fill in voids when I get a chance. Still digging around for old photos and such. But all in all, this will give you a better picture of me growing up. Actually, that's not ever going to be the case as I have no intention of ever growing up.

Bill Putman

   288 Scudder Avenue

Hyannis Port MA 02647

Phone (508) 775-3439