This History of the Sharon Family in America begins with the earliest of these Scotch-Irish immigrants who arrived in Philadelphia in the 1720s and continues up to the present day. The History basically follows my direct lineage, but also contains the known information on all the early branches of this family.


The Sharon family came to this country in the early 1720s and settled in eastern Pennsylvania. In the next few generations, the family spread west into the wilds of central Pennsylvania. After the Revolution, branches spread out into Kentucky and Ohio. My line went to Illinois, and by 1900 there were Sharons from coast to coast.


The Sharon family was a very typical early American pioneering family. It has been enjoyable and interesting to track down their history. I hope the reader finds it equally so.



The Sharon Family in Pennsylvania Part 1

The Sharon Family in Pennsylvania Part 2

The Sharon Famiy in Pennsylvania Part 3

The Sharon Family in Ohio Part 1

The Sharon Family in Ohio Part 2

The Sharon Family in Kentucky

The Sharon Family in Illinois

The Sharon Family in California

Early Sharon Wills & Deeds

The English Sherron Family

The Headlee Family

The McCormick Family

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