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These sites pertain to family histories of my various lines.  Some sites like the ones on the Putnam and Putman families have gotten a tad out of control.


My particular Putman line descends from Thomas Putnam who came from England to Virginia, but there were other early lines of Putnams and Putmans, English, Dutch and German. I first tracked back my line, then expanded it to include all the Putnams and Putmans of what I call ‘The Southern Branch.’ Then I started doing census research, first on the southern states, then on all the original forty-eight (it was only in the 1900s folks went to the other two). As I got into the mid west, I started running into the other lines such as the New England English, the New York Dutch, the Maryland and Pennsylvania German. I included all of them in all the censuses in all of the states, and then took on the task of trying to identify all of them, and give their lineage back. That has taken 30 years and is probably never going to be finished.


I have included every scrap of info I have come across, but don’t document or it would take up twice the space it does. So, I am completely open to, and encourage, feedback with any additional information, and certainly any corrections if I got off on the wrong foot. This project is an ongoing one. Forever.


There is a built in search engine on this site, so you can type in most anything and see what’s there. Good Luck! Most everything is in text format so I can include anything I can find. There will be searchable gedcoms soon on the English and Dutch lines. In that format, you will be able to print out charts, ancestry, descendant, and group sheets.


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