Some Genealogy Links

These are some websites that other folks have put together. Folks about as dumb as I am that spent zillions of years researching names, families and places. Like me, they somehow got it all on a computer format, mostly GedComs. A few of the sites are 'searchable' with a built-in browser.

Rand Putnam's Site

Rand is rapidly becoming The authority on the New England Putnam Family. He is interested in all the New England lines, and has set up a huge data base on that family. He also is very careful on digging around town vital records and all that. If you are on this line, you will be very happy.

Todd Canaday's Site

He has a website on the family of Charles Canaday of Maryland to Virginia, to the Carolinas and westward. This is also my wife's family. They were Quakers early on in the 1700s. They followed the basic Quaker Migration patterns moving westward into Illinois and Indiana.