Some Genealogy Links

Message Boards

These sites are great for getting information on families. You can leave a message and you will be notified when a reply shows up. In may cases you will get several answers. Basically use this site address and add the family name. In these examples I am using putman.

The best are:

Data Base Sites

This site has huge data bases. Some are free, but most require you joining and paying annual fee. Well Worth It! Surprising how many family trees are on this site.

This site is a subscription site like Ancestry. In fact it is owned by the folks who own Ancestry, but you have to join separately.

Sorta tied into and Some free, some you have to belong to Ancestry.

Just type in a name when you get on.

Search for obituary info, birth and death dates. Search by name, then state, then decade.

Go to Search 19 Million Graves, then to name and state. Has photos of many of the graves.


This is the Mormon Church Site. Has many databases, access to the Library and more. Very good for census pages and indexes.


A look at how to get started on family research. also has a 'get started' section.

Online Searchable Death Indexes

This site sorts by states, has obituaries, death records, info to search the Social Security Index

Family History 101 Census Maps

Has rotating, printable census maps showing County Boundaries in each census report. They use AniMap Historical atlas. You can go to the home page and have other options plus self help stuff.

 Genealogy Resource Guide

A teacher sent me this. It’s part of Background Checks Org. It has all sorts of links to Genealogy sites, Some I have mentioned here and many more.

World Vital Records

This is a new site. Has connections to Ancestry and other sites as well. There is a subscription fee for a lot of databases, and many more free.

Ancestor Hunt

Access to a great many databases, prison records, marriage records, obituaries and much more.

Some Good General informational Genealogy Sites



Individual Person's web sites

These are some websites that other folks have put together. Folks about as dumb as I am that spent zillions of years researching names, families and places. Like me, they somehow got it all on a computer format, mostly GedComs. A few of the sites are 'searchable' with a built-in browser.

Rand Putnam's Site

Rand is The authority on the New England Putnam Family. He is interested in all the New England lines, and has set up a huge data base on that family. He also is very careful on digging around town vital records and all that. If you are on this line, you will be very happy


Todd Canaday's Site

He has a website on the family of Charles Canaday of Maryland to Virginia, to the Carolinas and westward. This is also my wife's family. They were Quakers early on in the 1700s. They followed the basic Quaker Migration patterns moving westward into Illinois and Indiana.


Ed Putnam's Site

He has done a great deal of work. He doesn't post all his stuff, but he has transcribed all of Eben Putnam's 1908 books n the Putman Family so that it can be easily searched, scanned, downloaded and printed.


Mark Putnam's Site

Mark is on the Dutch Family out of New York State. He used to publish a Putman Family Newsletter years ago, but now has a good website for those researching this line.